GRASS_AG is a modified version of the famous GRASS 6.0.0 GIS (Geographic Information Software), which allows users to run GRASS within an Access Grid session.

To work over Access Grid, GRASS_AG must be used with the Access Grid shared application "SharedGRASS".

GRASS_AG can be also used "normally" i.e. not as an Access Grid shared application. The changes to GRASS_AG merely provide additional functionality to to work together with the SharedGRASS shared application.

Available Download

Download GRASS_AG source code for Linux (12.4MB)
Download SharedGRASS AG package (12kB)

Installation Instructions and Notes

Before installing SharedGRASS on your system, see the requirements page for GRASS.
To build/install on Mac OSX, see Grass_AG on Mac OSX

You can install GRASS_AG from the source code with the usual './configure && make && make install' sequence.
At this stage you can run GRASS_AG from the command line with:
and it will provide exactly the same functionality as the normal version of GRASS 6.0.0.

If GRASS is already installed on your system, this new installation won't erase the old one.

Now, to use GRASS_AG over Access Grid, install the downloaded SharedGRASS AG shared application package with the command: -p SharedGRASS.agpkg

When running over Access Grid, each participant must have exactly the same coordinate and map data locally, since such data sets are often too large to be shared easily through Access Grid.
Each participant needs to launch the application and specify the local path to the data set.

Want to test ?

To make some tests you will need a sample data set. You can download the spearfish (19MB) data set and a set of scripts (4kB) which contain:

Known Issues

This is a test version, thank you for reporting bugs to ...


Created by Stéphane BIDET <s.bidet at> (or: <stephane.bidet at>)
Funding through UQVislab and QPSF.

Any comments, suggestions to Chris Willing <c.willing at>