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  Dr Nicole Bordes

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These personal web pages are the personal responsibility of Nicole Bordes. The views expressed here do not necessarily represent the official views of the University of Queensland.

Research Projects

» 3D Archaeology: reconstruction of archaeological sites and data analysis.
» Multi-sites collaborative workplaces: Access Grid.
» High Resolution Tiled Displays: seamless rear projection display.


» MATH2200: Scientific Computing     » Local Web Site
» COMP3000: Special Topic: Scientific Visualisation     » Web Site
» MATH4205: Advanced Scientific Visualisation (even years only)

Photographic Essays
rainbow lorikeets
Photographs from the land Down Under...

or photographs from Australia
2006 Victoria Bushfires
2006 Victoria Bushfires ...

Firefighting with the Medlow Bath Brigade
UQ pond
UQ snapshots ...

or what is happening on the UQ campus...

bot jaws robots

2005 Queensland Junior Robocup

or what today's youth is doing

NSW Rural Fire Services

or my firefighting days at Woodford ....

Blackheath Glen Fire - Dec 2002

during which I got the Rookie of the Year award from my brigade ...

BP training - Woodford/Bullaburra RFS

training to be a firefighter ... (April 2002)

» some jokes.

» Upper Brookfield Players: my thespian debut ....

» PRAGMA - Taiwan

» About myself ....


» Discover Science