PHYS3301: Scientific Computing 3 at the University of Sydney

Students own any intellectual property they create pursuant to their studies. The students, whose work appears in this web site, have authorised VisLab to use and display their work on the VisLab web site.

2001 Student Projects

cocktail party problem
A humble attempt to solve the "cocktail party" problem using blind source separation (pdf file)
Johan Bylund
3rd Year Students, Sydney University.
oscillating chemical reaction
Oscillating chemical reaction (pdf)

Paul Lu and Ana Teulilo
3rd Year Students, Sydney University..

2000 Student Projects

molongle synthesis telescope simulation
Molonglo Observatory Synthesis Telescope Simulation

Daniel Morris
Sydney University.
Wiener filter
Wiener Filtering (NOISE Group project)

Jean Rintoul
Sydney University.
Wiener filter
Wiener Filtering (NOISE Group project)

Xuyan Rosalind Wang
Sydney University.
hough transform
Hough Transform Filtering (NOISE Group project)

Vicky Safouris, Steven Manos, Elizabeth West.
Sydney University.
MOST telescope
The MOST Telescope

Christopher Thom, Michelle Doherty,
Sydney University.
Hough transform
Red Circle Recognition using the Hough transform

Ian Young, Luke Macpherson
Sydney University.
Monte Carlo methods
Using Monte Carlo Methods to find the "volume" of a 4-dimensional "sphere"
(this example was a mid-course assignment, not a final project)
Adam Antonio
Sydney University.

1999 Student Projects

Hipparcos stars
Visualization and Animation of Solar Relative Positions and Velocities of Hipparcos Stars Within a 50 Light Year Radius

John Morgan
Sydney University.
image enhancement
Fast Image Enhancement by Controlled Blur and Substitution

Kevin Pulo
3rd Year Physics Student, Sydney University.

1998 Student Projects

semi-classical limit
The Semi-Classical Limit

Stuart Prescott
3rd Year Chemistry Student, Sydney University.
Diffusion-limited aggregation simulations of fractals

Paul Titze and Braden Kohary
3rd Year Students, Sydney University.
 Fractal Properties of Thin Film Surfaces

Chris Doyle
4th Year Physics Student, Sydney University.